The origin of WSB University dates back to the first half of the1990s.When the Private College of Business and Foreign Languages was tounded was the first in the Zagłębie Region.
WSB University has over 6000 students. The Infrastructure, didactic base, language computer and laboratories practice phonetics and computer, and teaching staff allow to maintainne a high level of education quality.
The Infrastructure and services of WSB University meet the needs of the disabled students.
The mission of WSB University develops and spreads economic, social and informatics issues. Trying to meet the requirements of the contemporary labour market, the University educates students who will be able to cope with the challenges of modern world, manage information and have initiative.

WSB Universityis an important cultural centre that organizes symposiums and discussions and invites variety of guest who analyse and explain problems, and help in cross-cultural communication.
As WSB University been taking part in the Erasmus Programme since 2000, the main assumption is to enlarge partnership with other universities and put pressure on inviting students to the University. This co-operation covers intense academic research, conferences and seminars, teacher and student exchange within international agreements, most of which are implemented with the EU support.

WSB University the member of The Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM)
Authorities of the University emphasise on the quality of education, which results in:
– prestigious accreditation giren by The State Accreditation Committee
– accreditation of Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education (FPAKE)
– positive opinion of State Committee for Scientific Research and II category in Social, Economic and Law Sciences
– Gold Honorary Award for contribution to Silesian Province.