What are the steps of admission process?


We are happy that you have decided to apply to WSB University. Admission team will make your application smooth and easy!

First go to www.admisssions.wsb.edu.pl web site and register at our online admission system. You will create your personal online admission account. Use it for further steps of your applications.

Remember, carefully provide and save your personal data in your personal online account. In case of any changes do not forget to update your personal data It is crucial for further application steps.

Decide on your program you’ll be studying this in-depth for several years so choose wisely. You can choose from several undergraduate, postgraduate, summer, preparatory and other programs. You will be able to start your application just with one click.

Upload documents required for particular program you are applying for.

Prepare yourself for online interview that will be scheduled for you.

Wait for interview results and if successful download your personal INFORMATION FOR PAYMENT OF TUITION FEE.

You can pay now your fees and upload proof of payment to your personal admission online account.

It is almost done. Collect your admission letter. You can apply now for your student visa.

We are looking forward to see you in Poland at WSB University!


How to apply to WSB University?


If you are thinking of applying to WSB University I will just provide you with some key things you need to know. But be sure that admission to WSB is very easy.

The first step you have to make it to register at WSB University online admission system. It easy, just go to www.admissions.wsb.edu.pl  website click Sign up! from the top menu. You will be transferred to WSB admission system.

Now you have to select Become an Applicant, again from the top menu. Provide your name and surname, your personal email address and set your individual password. Almost done, check your email and activate you individual account.

Now you can login to your personal account using your email and password you have provided during registration. One of the first things you will need to do before your application it to provide your personal data. Remember it is crucial for further steps of your application.

As soon as your account is activated and your personal data is provided properly you will be able to apply for one of WSB University undergraduate, postgraduate programs as well as to preparatory courses, summer programs and more.

You will be able to follow status of your applications, upload required documents and stay in contact with your admission tutor as your application will be assessed individually by admission tutors including your academic record, personal statement, performance at interview.

In your personal account you will also find documents issued by WSB University such as invoice or admission letter.

Good luck with your application!


What documents I have to provide?


Our online admission system gives you details about each program, its requirements, fees, application deadlines and supporting documents you need to provide. Check program description to find more about these details. But let’s have a look at supporting documents that in most cases are required to provide.

In most cases you will have to provide:

  • Copy of your passport (international passport)
  • High school diploma with transcript of records with sworn translation into Polish or English language. It will be necessary either to apostille or legalize your diploma. Your admission tutor will inform you which one is required for you.
  • Along with your high school diploma it is necessary to provide Letter of validation of high school diploma. You will be able to download draft of the letter from our online admission website.
  • When applying for master programs copy of bachelor or master diploma with sworn translation into Polish or English language. Your diploma need to be apostille.
  • As soon as your personal INFORMATION FOR PAYMENT OF TUITION FEE is issued for you it will be necessary to provide proof of payment.

All mentioned document you will have to scan and upload to your personal online admission account. But remember to bring original ones when arriving to WSB University.


What to do before arrival to Poland?


Great your application to WSB University was successful and soon you we will welcome you in Poland! Be sure you are ready for adventure of your life.

  • First of all in case you need a visa to legalize your stay in Poland make sure that you have one. Visit a web site of a consulate or Polish Embassy in your country to find out more about visa requirements.
  • There is nothing more important than your health. Remember to have an insurance and bring it with you to Poland. In case of any significant health information please inform WSB University admission team.
  • Do not forget to bring originals of your application documents such as high school diploma, university degree diploma and other required during your application.
  • Inform WSB University team about details of your arrival.
  • Bring a good mood with you.

We are looking forward to Welcome you at WSB University!